Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shinjitemashita yo, saishou kara

I'm not really good at writing, actually more like dreadful, getting my thoughts into words was never easy, guess I was lucky that artistic talent ran in my genes. It's the new year, the time when everyone starts something, so my plan was to get a new email address (for several reasons) and to start a blog, surprising did both. 
This blog is mostly for art or at least that's my plan but I've nothing made, so guess this post can be about the name I picked.

Picking names is something that takes me a long time, nights of thought, as I've often rushed and then changed my mind.

レトロハート means "retro heart" in Japanese, firstly because of my love of retro games, but then kinda thought, all the things I love ... are kinda old ... I'm very nostalgic, so it was more suitable than I thought.
Next was the url, it's meant to be like Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen "Little Motoko's Wonder Kitchen", a game I used to play on my PC with Znes that's a prequel to Cooking Mama
sera-channowonderkitchen was too close to the game, the next idea which was an old idea was to use the word hanashi (story), but my lack of grammer was starting to catch me out. Google helped me to go through names of shows and games and looking at their Japanese names when I somehow came to
sera-channowonderfullife was definately a joke if I had picked it, wonderful "burogu" was my next idea, instead of life and finally decided on just using blog, hense ~ sera-channowonderfulblog


I'm guessing my next post won't be until I get my new books I ordered for Christmas, unless I make something.


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