Monday, February 14, 2011


"Valentine", derived from valens (worthy, strong, powerful).
Valentine's Day, is an annual commemoration held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions. - Wiki


Since the last two weeks has been nothing but bad luck and I've made no posts, this one will be about something good. 
This year was my first proper Valentine's.

Saturday afternoon I went to Limerick Train/Bus Station, there I was greeted by my lovely Stephen who had a swanky new haircut, roses
a giant frog! >w< and a sweet card with poem and Minecraft art.
Even though I have this frog already, this one might be customized and he got me is SO much softer than my old one.


That night we went to dinner. My first choice, Chocolat,
 was fully booked like I expected, so then decided on Jasmine Palace, a place we usually go for Birthdays but it was actually romantic.
After talking about it for 3 days, I convinced him to have to meat sung, as you can only get it between two people,
 which is kinda sweet when you think about it. Thankfully he loved it, it's definitely one of my favourite dishes.
And of course I got General Tso's chicken,
only I wished mine came with broccoli, I was stealing veg from Stephen's plate.
Dessert we kinda shared, I got mango and passion fruit cheesecake, mmm
he got banoffee! And I was so jealous because it was much nicer than mine, even though cheesecakes are my favourite of all the desserts.


The night ended with my signed, 2 disk special edition of We Are The Strange
hopefully he enjoyed it like I did for the 4th time, there was way too much popcorn and bonbons consumed D: it was good to see the movie again, since M dot Strange is who I aspire to be.


if I think of something else, I'll edit this tomorrow


  1. that sounds fucking lovely <3

  2. all of it, jus that it was ur first Valentine's n everything, sounds like a lovely time :)

  3. awh I never knew you'd a soft side Sinead <3 you're so cute