Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Saigo no hi Nigatsu/The Last Days of February
(at least that what I wanted it to say)

Stephen and I went for a walk around Ardgillan Castle 
Ardgillan Castle is a large country house in Skerries, County Dublin, set in the 200 acre Ardgillan Demesne. The castle and gardens overlook Barnageera Beach, the Irish Sea and Skerries

if you can see the picture in full size, you can see Lambay Island (or "Turtle Island" as I've renamed it), a lighthouse and Skerries Mills.

The Lady's Stairs
This is a pedestrian footbridge above the Balbriggan / Skerries Road and the Dublin - Belfast Railway Line which runs along the north-eastern boundary of the demesne. The bridge was initially constructed by the Dublin and Drogheda Railway Company and it links the demesne to the beach at Barnageera. The name derives from reports that the ghostly figure of a "Lady" is seen here from time to time.

I haven't any photos of The Lady's Stairs but we did go to see it, maybe it's a Limerick thing but I really didn't want to onto them!

The Yew Walk
One surviving feature still intact in the garden is the Yew Walk which lies to the south of the house and is seen as one approaches from the entrance at Blackhills. This was planted in 1800's during the lifetime of Marianne Taylor, wife of Rev. Henry Edward Taylor. It was the favourite walk of Captain Edward Taylour (1863 - 1938). Local folklore has it that a shadowy figure sometimes seen here is the ghost of a member of the Taylour family.

This I wish I had known, I dunno did we pass it.
Would absolutely love to go there at night time to see if there are really any ghosties there or at least get creeped out. When we were walking back the car, there was a rabbit dashing across the garden, I was shocked! ∑(O_O;)
can barely remember the last time I saw a wild rabbit but it must be at least 15 years ago. Walking down the country road with my eldest sister to pick conkers, I saw him, he was pure white with red eyes, stopped in the middle of the road, starring at me. Slowly I tried to go over to pet him but he ran away as fast as he came.
(Watership Down is one of my favourite movies)

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