Monday, July 11, 2011

Sewing Bows

Finally, I'm using this blog for it's purpose, hooray!
Nom Con is less than a month away and I needed a bow for my Paula cosplay, which would be good practice for sewing in general.
If you want a video on sewing a bow I would suggest this one, it's so easy to follow


here's some bows I made from the tutorial -

the fabric for the blue bow was given to me by the super special awesome GravyChan who's nana had a clear out and she gave away the fabric for free, so it's vintage *hipster face*

Some old stuff I forgot to upload
here's two presents for my friend Atavan Halen, he hasn't seen the Pikachu origami but it's so overdue I don't care anymore :L
and here's an origami cat birthday card I made for my friend Ma++hew

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