Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Post

As you know it was Christmahanakwanzika, unless maybe you're in Africa, we're not sure if they know it's Christmas time, at all.
Anyway, hope I said enough thanks for all my presents, everyone was very kind (and practical which I <3).

the only thing not pictured was a beautiful dress that I got from retr0gamer's brother and his girlfriend, but haven't gotten a photo of it yet, which had the best timing ever!
After saying to my mam how I never got Christmas clothes this year and opened the present on Christmas Eve night (but after Midnight, presuming it was PJs and needed some) and saw the dress, then became absolutely stunned, that was truly a Christmas miracle. It's the same colour as my Christmas coat too, which is a duffle this year, usually get macs but was mad for a duffle for over year, plus no buttons to sew up! Yes!

Retr0's present this year was a Wonderswan and after hearing his disappoint at me joking about a Christmas Jumper, decided to get one. 
Of course this year because I wanted to buy one they got uber popular and it was hard to get one without paying upto €40 (ridiculous!) . So instead, bought a new jumper then sewed/hot glued this lovely snowman onto it.
His body is felt (a head and a body seperate), a felt orange carrot nose with lines markered on, a felt scarf folded over, pipe clearer arms and black buttons. It was a quick job and it was almost 5 when I finished after making 3 other Christmas presents, next year it'll be a brilliant jumper I make.

I also made, cute little felt antlers, but I haven't a proper photo.
So I'll make an edit to add the missing photos, stay tuned (I know it's so excited *roll eyes*) lol

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