Sunday, March 18, 2012

Starting Lolita

Finally done up the blog again, not knowing where to start just made me avoid my blogs. At least it's daesent.

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Anyway, recently decided to start getting into Lolita, because my money isn't spent enough on normal clothes, cosplay and video games. At the moment there isn't much loli stuff in my wardrobe, I bought 3 Bodyline pieces (OP + 2 Skirts) and sold them as they didn't fit >: .

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Dream Dresses

Right now, Taobao is custom making this dress below. At first I thought it was polka dot but it's stars (don't like stars print really) and that fabric ran out, so they're making it with red x white polka dots. So I'll review it when it's done.

Baroque Korean's brand has one of my other dream dresses that I'm currently saving up for.

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My Lolita Wardrobe

There's some things I already own kinda loliable which I'll have to get photos of.
Still on the search for a nice white peter pan collar blouse :/ .

Lately I started volunteer for 2 afternoons a week and sometimes there's cute stuff. So far loli-wise I found the mostly beautiful hat and bag.

here's a cardigan (not matching) to post too but I haven't a photo of that yet.

I got this shirt on eBay as well for under €10 including postage, so looking forward to getting that in the post.

Going by the photo it's kinda yellowy, maybe it'll go nice with Bodyline's Carousel or Aster Cafe print skirt by Lief. Chances of me getting thoses and to fit though is slim (LOL! jk)

So far I don't think it's going too bad!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Later on I'll update again with more photos, got a cute cardigan and bag to post.