Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bleaching - removing a colour from a shirt

If "anyone" read my start lolita post, they would have seen the blouse that I bought

from the photo on eBay it looked like a lemony yellow but in fact was more of a lime greeny colour. Now green is my favourite colour but that's not the colour I wanted so I decided to see could I bleach it another colour.

Of course eHow have an article about it How to Bleach Out the Original Color of a Cotton Shirt.

But my experience was different to what it said on the article "Dip the shirt in the bleach solution and completely submerge it. Let it sit for two to eight minutes", this didn't even change the colour slightly and after checking it every 10 minutes for a half hour I decided to leave it longer, an hour pssed, than 2, than went to bed and slept in pretty late. In total I left my shirt in the bleach+water basin for 14 hours, rinsed it in white vinegar like it said and hung it out to dry.

I must say it was pretty much a success as the shirt went an almost yellowy white (which is what I wanted)

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