Friday, April 27, 2012

Toaboa Trading: a custom Lolita dress review


A positive experience.

When on the a Lolita sellers facebook page, there most beautiful lolita dress which unfortunately was out of stock and wouldn't be restocked.

On Livejournal, a user informed me that the dress was from Taobao and might be made again if I asked through a shopping service. Some reviews were mixed about most sellers and I thought I heard of taobaotrading before, so I went with them.

On the 8th of March I contacted to see if Taobao would remake the dress. Helen Yuan contacted me quickly to say she would contact the seller. The reply was that the dress was out of stock due the fabric running out and that it could be remade in a similar fabric. This was actually better for me as I noticed the original fabric was stars and not polkadots as I had first thought and requested a red and white polka dotted fabric. The material was sourced quickly.

The price to get the material and to make the dress was $62.70, before buying I realised that TBT actually hadn't any reviews but I contacted a highly praised Taobao agent who gave a positive reply. After paying for the dress I gave them my measurements, which I made a mistake doing (I did around and not across my shoulders) that was spotted easily, I got an email about this and remeasured.

Afterwards Helen sent me another email saying it would take 20days to make the dress and that she would try to push them in to making it faster. Every week I sent her an email to check the progress which she very kindly replied to. My dress was finished on the 7th of April and I requested a photo before it was sent, which she emailed to me.
 Then I paid for the postage which was $35.15 via EMS with a tracking number.
And the dress finally arrived on Tuesday! There was a little strawberry plush phone charm with it too <3
I would definitely buy from them again, Helen is just so lovely to email and the prices were very reasonable.

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