Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lolita Review: Dolly Berry, Rainy Day OP

A few weeks ago I bought the Dolly Berry, Rainy Day OP from Heanuli on LiveJournal. 
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We worked out a payment plan of 3 payments which was better for me.
Although there was a delay in postage, there wasn't a rush to get it so I would still recommend this user.

The measurements given were "almost free size, bust up to 95~96cm", almost freesize is correct but bust upto 96cm is a joke. When tried on I can confirm it'll go up to at least 14/15cm bigger than suggested and there was a bit of room left.

It's a very comfortable and flowy dress but the A-line shape isn't very flattering. It would be much better with a belt or even to be shirred at the sides, I just pinched it at the sides with my hands and it made a lot of difference.

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