Tuesday, June 19, 2012

O.O.T.D Birthday Duckling

We went on a day trip to Galway on the 2nd of June for my birthday (which isn't til Thursday). 
(#´   0`)=3┌iiii┐
Since I'll be 22 and in bingo it's "2 little ducks", it's all been about ducks. Notice all the 2's? it's insane. The weather was so bad, it was for ducks, seriously, it was lashin'.
Although just only realised now I wore yellow and it suited the theme (>w<).

Outfit Rundown
▼ Floral headband - Penneys/Primark
▼ Scarf - possibly Guineys
▼ Top - Penneys/Primark
▼ Necklace - eBay
▼ Bracelet - eBay
▼ Ring - Dorothy Perkins
▼ Skirt - Penneys/Primark
▼ Underskirt - New Look
▼ Tights - Penneys/Primark
▼ White Brogues - Penneys/Primark


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    1. Thank you Suzu, for both the comment and compliment, they're both appreciated. Working on a new post atm, hopefully you might see it (^u ^#)