Monday, August 6, 2012

Starting Fairy Kei

So started Lolita a few months ago (and still not worn it outside) and now jumping into Fairy Kei fashion.
Why start now? It's the perfect time to start now that pastel colours are in fashion, plus I've wanted to go kinda more 80s for awhile. DEM HI TOPS! It's also more everyday, comfortable and hardly any rules.

My Fairy Kei Wardrobe (WIP!)

Primark: €1 each in the sale basket and a 3 pack of socks for €3.50

Dorothy Perkins: thought this was very 80s it was reduced to £8 

New Look: hadn't ordered anything from NL in a year but when I saw these mint high tops, I had to check for more things.

There's a few more things on the way in the post. This is just a couple of things I have so far.

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