Tuesday, September 25, 2012

O.O.T.D Freya's Birthday

A quick OTTD since I haven't been posting. First of all my laptop broke, my processor melted inside inside it and then I got bronchitis (still recoving >:) . I wore this on Saturday, thought it was really cute even though I'm trying to avoid wearing lots of black as much as possible.
Also, apologies for the mess my room is in </3

Outfit Rundown
ⓕ Hairband - Dunnes Stores
ⓕ Glasses (unseen) - Gok Won
ⓕ Cardigan - eBay
ⓕ Top - Primark
ⓕ Necklace - eBay
ⓕ Belt - Dunnes Stores
ⓕ Skirt - New Look
ⓕ Tights - Penneys
ⓕ Shoes (unseen) - Toabao


Two small close ups, that rabbit necklace is my favourite          

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