Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lolita Review: Bodyline L327 Blouse

Polyester Others
Length 48cm
Bust 80-100cm
Waist 70-90cm
Size table: beg blk off white(owh)
m ×

Proof Photos

 Sizing Information: 4/10
As you can see above it's listed as the max bust to be 100cm and waist to be 90cm. Although most lolitas realize with full shirring it can go bigger, this could actually go a bit more than 10cm bigger than the size listed. The shoulders and arms are also elasticated.
The length of the item wasn't too my liking but that's just personal opinion, it was a bit short for me.

With full shirring you may sacrifice looks and unfortunately this is one of those cases. Of course I'm speaking just for myself and having no chest and the shirring not in the right places it made my torso look like a kinda rounded wall. In saying that it does look well under a JSK. The square neck allows for the sleeves to be worn across the arms or at the shoulders. The little bows down the bust look a little daft to me, I will be removing them shortly. The buttons are little heart shapes which is so charmin and there's 2 different designs of lace, one has circles and along the necklace has hearts.

It's listed on the tag as "fabric: cotton and other", I'm not exactly sure what the "other" could be but it's a thick blouse. It's also a bit noisy, it reminds of a raincoat in a way but not as bad as that.

Final Comments:
Although above I've said a few bad things about it, for the price it's a reasonable buy, I bought this second hand but it was almost the price of it new. It's a good item for a beginner to wear with a JSK but if you're able to spend more I would suggest it.

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