Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hairdye Review - Nice n' Easy vs Superdrug Perfect 10

As of the start of summer I've been lightening my hair, partially because it might be sunny and was a bit bored of the brown hair.Of course had I remembered to make posts sooner , would have more products to talk about.

Before reading this, please take into consideration, I'm not a hairdresser, nor did I consult one before hand.

Last Monday my roots were getting pretty dark so I lightened them with BBlonde which I've been using for awhile now and find it great. After washing and drying, used Nice 'n Easy 110 Natural Light Auburn which is pretty spot on the colour I want.
Anyway this is how it turned out

The ends of my hair were very damaged (the Bblonde didn't go as far as my ends), the colour didn't take as well but that area is porous so that's most likely the problem. The roots came out all the same same despite bleaching most of it.

So yesterday I went to Superdrug and asked for advice from a selection of a few boxes, Superdrug's own brand Perfect 10 was recommended and to use another one in a few weeks to darken it if I wished.

she said her hair was very soft afterwards. She has similar problem to me, wanting to be a lighter colour and having dark roots.

The comb applicator really made a difference and IMO there was more dye in this compared to NnE. I would recommend trying it, have used some Superdrug own brand dyes a lot but this was definitely the best of the lot. My ends weren't as bad this time as well.

Here's the end result

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