Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Everything £5 Haul + ASOS Mini Haul

Yes, I did it again!

Everything £5 Haul

1 x Double Layered With Lace Bow Gloves
- Size: ONE SIZE
- Colour(s): RED-G1220

Comments: since I've small hands anyway, these fitted perfect and I had the choice to wear them together or with the kinda hobo glove look too (handy, lol, for my touch screen phone)

1 x Pintuck Pleat Lace Bra & Briefs Set
- Colour(s): BLACK-8886
- Size: BRA-38B/BRIEF-XL

Comments: I've only tried on the bra and it seems decent, I can't say much more on it without wearing it longer.

1 x Extra Thick Leggings
- Size: XXXL (UK 18-20)
- Colour(s): BLACK-JENNY321

Comments: Best pair of leggings I got this year, they've very warm and comfortable, size is perfect for me but tend to fall down a little

1 x Matte Faux Leather Flat Ankle High Boots
- Size: SIZE 7
- Colour(s): GREEN-GQ2778

Comments: Like the bra, I haven't worn them enough to comment on them

1 x Looped Top & Cropped Cowboy Boots
- Size: SIZE 7
- Colour(s): RED-8096

Comments: My pair were stained, with what looks like liquid, since they're suede it didn't go well and am waiting on my refund. These boots are FANTASTIC, they're suitable for wide feet and the heel is the perfect height for me, hope to get more pairs soon.


ASOS Pack of Zig Zag Gummy Bracelets
Product Code: 166586 

Comments: Quality, variety in colours and quantity for €2, definitely worth it.

ASOS Wrap Skirt With Dipped Hem
Product Code: 223815  

Comments: way too long for me, got standard size but should have bought from the petite section. Not sure if I will alter or sell. 

ASOS Mini Skirt With Hi Low Hem
Product Code: 217946  

Comments: now have both available colours, got in a UK16 instead of an 18 as the elastic in it is really decent, it's the perfect length for me and is kind of an off black than a deep black. Will be wearing this for Christmas.

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