Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hairdye Review: John Frieda, 5N Medium Natural Brown

My usual light brown wasn't available so with the last colour being lighter than the box colour I thought "medium brown, how bad could it be, it'll fade eventually if it's a bit dark"
A bit dark? it was like black, a horrible black, like tar you put on the road, it looked rotten! My previous colour was like a very light brown if you check the last review I did.
So here's my photos, I guess the one of my roots shows best how the colour came out, it was almost streaky which didn't happen the last time either.

It was pretty shocking really and very unhappy with the results.
On a bit of a positive note, it was half price in Superdrug, it was easy to use, the gloves are great as was the smell and my hair was soft afterwards but the actual colour was just yuck.

So tonight my mam put in Colour B4 (it smells like a fart in a bath!) to try get it lightened and will be going to the hairdresser tomorrow to be the brown I want before Christmas if I'm not bald before then! :P

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