Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hairdye Review: Superdrug Light Copper Brown vs John Frieda Light Golden Brown

Another hairdye review.

After lightening my roots (BBlonde is really good for this) I used Superdrug Performance Light Copper Brown 6.34. Here's the results

Obviously I was very disappointed because this is the colour I started out with, it was surprising because normally Superdrugs own brand is very good.
After writing out an email of complaint (I felt like a joke doing it), the reply was very nice, they said I could return the box to exchange for something else because of the"100% happiness guarantee" written on the box (since I wasn't happy).

I exchanged it for John Frieda Foam Colour Light Golden Brown 6G

Personally I find foams very confusing and of course, shook it before reading (derp!) since I've only used foam twice. The colour would have been better if I had mixed it properly but otherwise it wasn't too bad and a definite improvement on the previous colour. It did leave my hair much softer and the foam coverage was excellent.

In short, this time:
John Frieda > Superdrug

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