Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Look Haul + ASOS mini haul + Fake Doc Martins [reviewing both]

So lately I'd a few things on eBay and made quite a bit that I decided to treat myself to, mostly shoes as mine were really worn out and the rest only suitable for summer.


New Look Haul 
I spent about £80 which is absolute madness but as I said, it was mostly the shoes and my bra sitch is also dire.
The "Boo!" tee I know is a little late but I wanted to dye it lilac and use it for Fairy Kei, it would be perfect! The Hello Kitty ghost tee, the bow is different to the stock photo, it's kinda more blue in the stock photo when it's really minty, but it's nothing major.
I've tried everything on and it's all very comfortable except the UItimo bra, the straps arn't long enough which is kinda strange. The creepers and trainers are also suitable for wider feet.

Black Hello Kitty Boo Ghost T-Shirt / Product code: 2693331
Light Denim Lace Up Trainers / Product code: 2660434
White Halloween Boo T-Shirt / Product code: 2668336 
Wide Fit Brown Strap Ankle Boots / Product code: 2566337 
Light Denim Lace Up Trainers / Product code: 2660434 
Black Mary-Jane Creepers / Product code: 2604777 
UItimo Oatmeal OMG Miracle Plunge Bra / Product code: 2690412 


ASOS Mini Haul
 Can it be a haul if it's just 2 things?
 I must say, even though the mini skirt says mini, it's actually the PERFECT length for me, being short, the elastic waist is also very comfortable. It's a little light for this weather unforunetly so will have to be layered. Looking at it you would imagine it wrinkling easy but it didn't, I've ordered another one in black
The hat I got it really for lolita but it so cute, I wish it was in more colours.

ASOS Mini Polka Dot Hat - Blue
Product Code: 171100 

ASOS Mini Skirt With Hi Low Hem - Red / UK 18
Product Code: 217946 
ASOS Mini Skirt With Hi Low Hem - Red / UK 18
Product Code: 217946 


These cost €29.99, normally I wouldn't pay that much for shoes/boots but the bottom of these have a great grib on the sole. Being a UK6.5 I'm either 6 or 7 and in this case I was UK7 as the way it curves in was too narrow for my instep. 

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