Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Lolita Wardrobe [Jan 2013]

So, it's about a year now since I've started getting into Lolita (but still haven't worn anything ^^;).
It lead me to researching more Japanese fashions and really opened my eyes to the variety they have compared to here and a lot are similar in ways, it kinda confuses me.
Through Lolita I fell in love with Fairy Kei/Pastel Kei/Spank but am keeping a few pieces and plan on getting a few more during the year for meets and stuff. (if I ever go)

Anyone checking this post, I'm a 110cm bust, 100cm waist if you're looking things thinking
"would that fit me?" - well up you know it's at least the above.


Taobao, Sailor Set


Taobao. Sailor Dress [review]  //////////////    Bodyline L291, Balloon JSK

 DOL? Milky Planet OP

Dolly Berry, Rainy Day OP [review]


???, Wa Loli Top

Primark, Cardigan

 Bodyline, L327 Blouse [review] //////////////  HMHM, Blouse

Dunnes Stores, Blouse ////////////// Primark, Blouse

 River Island, Blouse //////////////  Dorothy Perkins, Blouse

Dorothy Perkins, Top

Mavako (Spainish Brand) Panda Picnic Skirt



Everything £5 //////////////  Tabao, Everything £5

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