Friday, January 25, 2013

Taobao Haul

I forgot to do this the last time! Ugh!
Funghi and Jake plush are on my other blog [here]

Below is stock images (for now) of the stuff I got from Taobao lately. Posted on the 17th January and got here on the 23rd of January via EMS and it cost $48.25 which is tracked (it was $32.70 by HK Post) and haven't had problems with customs and EMS so am willing to pay a bit more for it.
There's 3 wigs below but decided to sell the other 2, they weren't quite what I wanted but were good quality but bit shiny for me.

After spending ages searching for a new pinny when my old Penneys one got too bitty to wear, got this one from TB. The size I got was bigger than I need incase my hips wouldn't fit but there's plenty of room. I may get one in purple next.
I'd already gotten this in red and aqua in my last haul, they're great over jeggings and super comfy. Considering getting another in white to dye.

My new wig! it's absolutely stunning! It's not too shiny, very flattering and comfortable. It's almost exactly like the stock photo and am so happy with it.
Being crazy for some creepy cute stuff, picked up a few things from TB. I got white bone hair clips, white skeleton hands clips and purple eye bows (wanted pink too but they were sold out).


  1. Hi just randomly found your blog by searching under Ireland.
    I see that you're a fan of Japan, just wondering have you ever been? or do you live there?

    ♥ amanda-lee

    1. Hi Amanada~,
      Thanks for the comment, don't get them often lol. I'm a big Japanaphile (way nicer word than weeaboo lol) but have never been there, it's a dream for now.

      One of my friends had moved over years ago, but unsure he'll be staying, his contract is up soon. If you're looking for Irish people that are currently there or moving soon there, check out boards Nihongo forum -

  2. Can you let me know what shopping service you use and trust for tb?

      I already wrote about them a few times.