Friday, March 1, 2013

Review - Bodyline L468

Cotton Others
Length 88cm
Bust 78-98cm
Waist 62-82cm
Sleeve length 17.5cm
Length 90cm
Bust 82-102cm
Waist 66-86cm
Sleeve length 18cm

770 grams
 ~  dress*1

809 grams

Bodyline Mint OP - It's a really cute dress and IMO is of great quality, it has a bit of weight in the extra frills at the bottom and it's a dress I've wanted for awhile.
Unforuntely it didn't live up to my expection, bought a M second hand with the seller telling me it'd fit 43" max, I'm about 42" and it was really tight, even though there was a bit of stretch in the material and could pull it, my tiny bewbs were squashed.

The waist gave me less problems, it wasn't tight or super roomy. Speaking of the waist, the ties are sewed on which is something personally I don't like on a dress. The arm holes for me, while they did stretch a lot were a little uncomfortable.

As far as the original measurements go, here's my version.

Length 90cm
Bust 82-105cm
Waist 66-100cm
Sleeve length 18cm

In conclusion:
While it has many good points, I just don't like it enough to modify it so it'll be getting a new home soon.

So here's a few close ups~



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