Sunday, June 16, 2013

EOS contact lenses, A3 Bambi in Brown

I preordered the lenses from CosQueen the 2nd week of April but they didn't arrive until the first week in June, there was a delay due to customs afaik.
Coloured lenses aren't something I wear often, I had 1 pair before this, it was a black pair from Pinkie Paradise, they were meant for a cosplay but it wasn't really needed, in the end I got 1 wear out of them.
These I'm hoping I'll get more use out of, there are a few cosplays I have planned that could use these, plus they're natural enough for Lolita or general use. It's hard to find the brown circle contacts on blue eyes, so I hope these help someone.

I'll have a few better photos after the convention next month.

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