Monday, June 24, 2013

Insomnium Wigs Review - Popstar

Here's the link to the wig - Popstar

I'm very happy with the wig I got, it's even better since I got the free postage because it was the shops birthday (promotion is over now) although I would have paid full price after getting the wig and trying it on.

There was a bit of a delay and I should have gotten a tracking number with my order but the agent didn't pass it on. My item was shipped on the 22nd of May and I got the wig this morning (25th of June) so it was almost a month, wasn't in a rush for the wig thankfully but it's something I'll keep in mind for future purchases. I did email IW about the delay and they were very helpful and quick to reply.
The wig itself is very comfortable to wear and it's quite soft. The colours are very natural and the cut is perfect for my face shape (which rarely ever happens).
This is exactly what I had hoped for since I wanted this for everyday use but it's hard to tell what anything is like from a stock photo (which is why I made this post).
Here's some proof photos ~



  1. Thanks for sharing such an useful post. I have been wearing wigs for long time and always buy them from Elevate Styles because they have huge collection of good quality wigs. I really like this wig that you wear. After knowing the review i will like to buy wigs from your shop also.

    1. I'm glad you found the post helpful, normally don't buy anything with just 1 stock but I took the chance and was very happy with it luckily.

      I don't own or work for Insomnium Wigs (because you say 'your shop'), I just wanted other people to have something other than stock photos to go by. If you do decide to buy from there I'd love to see photos :3