Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Taobao Haul + Review ~ June Order [updated 30/06]

Many thanks to Plus Size Taobao, some of stuff I got was from there!
I added more photos of the wigs, check them out below


Sailor Lolita in Pink

*Fit 7/10
Although it did fit, I found it a bit tight around my hips where is the worse place for me since I'm bottom heavy. It doesn't look so bad but it makes me very uncomfortable, I'm hoping it's long enough I can shorten it a bit since it's like a triangle and get more room.
The fabric they used ran out so they offered me 100% which I was perfectly fine with, it's a bit light but I'll have a petti and will find some kinda vest or slip to go underneath too.

Sailor School Girl [PSTB POST]


*Fit 10/10
Fits very well, was given a bit of extra room in the top and the skirt had a small bit with elastic, very comfortable.
*Quality 7.5/10
Fabric and sizing were good, but colour wasn't what I expected or wanted.


Sonic tee (Mens)

Fantastic, normally men's tees look silly on me but it fitted great.
It's a bit light but it's quite warm atm so I'm okay with that.

Elastic Waist Skirts x 2 [PSTB POST]


Like a dream! It's fully elastic but not tight, there's plenty of room but not so much it's falling off. The length is also great, I like to wear things high waist and often skirts end up too short but not there.
Great, it's a flowy fabric, light and sways, might not be good in the wind unless you've bloomers on.


Orange Hat & Polka Dot Bag

Hat is sturdy, got squished a few times but easy to get back into shape, made from 100% wool.
Bag is an okay size, the inside is fantastic, it has 2 sections and a middle part with a zip, also comes with shoulder strap.

Bow Hairbands

Not much to say, can be a little tight, the bows have wires inside them so you can have bow or bunny ear effect.

Pixel Bows


Never seen anything like these, were very hard to find and a bit expensive. They have a pin at the back like a badge, haven't taken them out of the packet yet.

WIGS (not the best photos)

Light Brown Wig

In love with this wig, has a lovely colour, the highlights are very natural, it's hard to say it's true colour really. It has a comfortable wig cap and the fringe is the perfect length.

Dark Brown Wig [updated]


Lilac Wig [updated ]
Although very soft the top is kinda matted, I've never really seen anything like this. Luckily I'm gonna be frizzing it up so it shouldn't be too noticeable but if I wanted to wear it as it is, I don't think I would. Here's the sale link on Taobao, I wouldn't be buying from them again [LINK]

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