Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Shortening Cardigan / Crop Cardigan Tutorials

Here are some links I followed

how to refashion a cardigan
Sweater Proportion Update
How to turn a cardigan into a cropped cardigan

I found the cutting and resewing method better than the folding up method which I had used on 2 other cardigans (the yellow below). 
Here's some quick photos of my own but they're not perfect.
They're not the most flattering because I'm in my jim jams, so please ignore that.

 For this one I used the cutting off and resewing method, I did a top stitch over it, it didn't really need to but the material was viscose and was my first time sewing that material I missed some spots.


 Using the fold up method, first is how it looked, 2nd is it pinned and last is it now. I found the hem used to flip out a lot which hasn't been photoed, so I had to top stitch over it.


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