Monday, February 24, 2014

Mori Attempt #1

Music first, linked to the UK Mori Girls Facebook Group.

So I've been interested in Mori since last year but haven't tried to put an outfit together yet. Money is kinda tight atm, what with booking flights to see .... KYARY PAMYU PAMYU!
I also have a convention at the end of March (that'll need accommodation) and Experience Japan in April before I go to London for KPP.

To keep on a budget of €0.00, I tried to see what I could do with what I had already, it wasn't spectacular since I own no floral prints anymore but for first attempts it's mediocre and I'm okay with that. Why would I share an outfit that isn't great? A plus size Mori Girl is rarely seen and maybe someone will see my attempt and try make what they can out of their wardrobe too.

So I decided what kinda mori I like, after some searching, a lot of search, which typically happens AFTER I post online asking for help, I want something kinda like this but with plaid/tarten/check print with it somewhere.

So here's my attempts . . .

Outfit #1 - The layering went okay but the only knitted cardigan I had was very long, adding bulk to my largest part. It's actually a skirt over a dress but the cut of the dress I can see now it was a bit silly to put the dress under it, lucky it got caught and ended up shorter at the bottom.
From a recent search I found out about natural kei and I think this would fall more into that.

Outfit #2 - While I'm overall very happy I looked decent and a majority light coloured outfit, I'm not sure where this falls in kei terms. The knitted cardigan/tights is kinda mori natural, as is the flowers in the collar/headpiece, I really should have plaited the hair too.
Maybe I can say "mori inspired" than actual mori.

I found a few pieces in my mother's wardrobe so I'll give it another try soon, fingers crossed!

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