Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Favourite Five #1

So to explain, although I don't think I need to, this is something to encourage me to post more, since I've a backlog of stuff I really like and these can be planned in advance.

What 5 I pick will vary from week to week since I couldn't decide on what 5 things, so maybe in a month or 2 I'll figure it out.

So this weeks 5 are - an outfit, a piece of clothing, a youtube video I watched lately, a tutorial and a funny picture.

Outfit [Source]
I love green x purple x black, it reminds me of my old hairstyle (see Throwback Thursday post). It's also one of those rare TF posts of an outfit I'd wear myself. I love everything about it.

Piece [Source]
This piece is from Dunnes Stores for the spring/summer season. Naughtical always comes back for summer and it's one of my favourite looks. I loved the lace on the sleeves and hem, I may look out for similar to jazz up a top or cardigan.

I'm in no way a fan of MSG, not to say I hate it, just not played it enough. It's a very interesting interview on the latest games in the MSG series.

 Tutorial [Source]
There's tons of these balloon type tutorials and this was one of the first I was crazy about. I'm sure a quick Google search would bring up more info but it's probably this straight forward, except for how to get it onto the lamp.

Funny [Source]
It's a cross of Shin Chan and Persona 4, very cleverly done!

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