Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Favourite Five #2

This week will feature - a piece of art, a cosplay, an outfit, a piece and a song

Art / Source
It's double lovingness for this piece, it's beautiful and close to my body type which I never see often enough. It really puts me in a creative mood, actually an all round good mood too. Check out this tumblr in general.

* Cosplay Source

I remember once I had this co cord, because of my big glasses it was very Velma like but never tried to do a proper cosplay. This is really inspiring and super cute.

Outfit / Source
I really love this outfit, it's totally something I'd wear myself and DAT ORANGE LIPSTICK! <3

* Piece
One of my favourite things brought out, it's just so clever and really handy for those of us that wear socks and can never keep them up.
I've seen them in black in larger sizes like on Yours Clothing but not in white, soon I'll be testing an Toabao pair but I'm mega bottom heavy so not expecting anything good.

No reason in particular for sharing this other than it was on when I was typing.

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