Monday, March 17, 2014

Favourite Five #3

This week will feature 5 things about my home and stuff that make me feel homely, since this week was St Patrick's Day and I've lived here my whole life

It's not home without a dog around, it's so hard not to have them running around my legs and talking to them. Here's my doggies, Joe and Lou.

It's my favourite dinner of all time, nothing beats my parents version, I refuse to eat it when out at restaurants since it's never the same. (I'd say the same about my dad's cheesey popcorn)

Here's a photo or Curraghchase from when we had the picnic on my birthday. It was a heatwave that time it was so much fun. It's a bit out of the way but it's worth going out to when the days are fine.

It's always a kinda, in joke thing with accents or slang, you won't get it unless you live there. I'f often "slagged" (teased) because of the way I say things, I grew up in the city but have country relatives I grew up with too. It's also always funny to do the Rubberbandits kinda accent talking to other locals when you're away from home.

One of my favourite bands, I can literally listen to them all day. I'm not sure what about Blur makes me feel homely, I guess we were all fans of them and they were on so often during my childhood. I remember it came on while I was in the car with my sister and both of us in unison went "PARKLIFE! ALL THE PEOPLE! SO MANY PEOPLE! AND WE ALL GO HAND IN HAND, HAND IN HAND THROUGH THEIR PARKLIFE" and then skip the rest til "think about leaving the house" like over exaggerated Easterender.  At the moment "Blue Jeans" is my favourite.

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