Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wow! Dog Painting, Such Newness

So I was crazy for these dog pictures I saw in the window of Debenhams (or "Debnums" as I like to call it) and stupidly never went in and asked about them! They're all gone bar one and I'm not as mad about it. As I usually go "sure I can do that" and I tried to, it's not the same but I'm happy with it.

Here's what I was inspired by
It's so cute but I don't really like the glasses and it's expensive for just 1 pillow.

Here's the progress of making my own. First I flipped it over and decided I wanted to do brown tones rather than black.

And here's some of the stage progress, I left out the fact that the first background was a manky green colour. To get the uneven lines I used marker but of course I did really neat lol typical!

And here's how it looks finished. It's way more cartoony than I had planned for it to be but it's so cute I can't be disappointed. I'll get a better one in the daylight.


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