Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bodyline Review: l547 JSK

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Polyester Cotton Others
Back center of length 85cm
Bust 76-82cm
Waist 68-74cm
Back center of length 88cm
Bust 80-86cm
Waist 72-78cm
Back center of length 90cm
Bust 84-90cm
Waist 76-82cm
Back center of length 93cm
Bust 88-94cm
Waist 80-86cm
So I have these JSKs a long time but just wasn't on Blogger to write about them. IMO I really love these dresses, I think they're quality items other than the bodice being a bit light.
I couldn't decided on a colour so I bought it in Yellow (since there's never enough yellow pieces) and minty green.

The pattern features cherubs similar to Kewpie, decorating cakes and cross stitching printed on the edges, the polka dots with this are very cute too.

I bought in 2L and find the size isn't quite correct, at this time I am 90cm bust and 80cish waist and find it fits with a good bit room, so to test I tried to wear it on my hips which are 118/117cm and it actually fits me there (sorry these photos arn't very pretty but wanted to show what it was like).

It was pretty tight so I would kinda recommend for maybe >115cm, maybe even 110cm for comfort.
I'm unsure what else to add so here's some close up photos I had taken.
This is a super quick co-ord I made with it to show it with a petticoat.



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