Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Lolita Dress Blouse Review

Hello again.
I made my order of  Dream of Lolita Sweet Princess Blouse on the 9th of August and received my custom order on the 26th of September and was tracked, it came into Dublin last Tuesday and to my door on Friday morning.

Here's the original item  

And here's some proof photos

The measurements I gave to them were (in cm): Bust circumference - 105/ Waist circumference - 98
Shoulder width - 40 / Sleeves length - 56
Height - 158 / Ideal blouse length - 53 Leave a Note: Upper arm circumference - 36cm Wrist circumference - 18cm Neck circumference - 39cm Hips - 125cm Please contact me if anymore measurements are needed. I'm currently 95ish cm bust and 85cmish waist but I don't mind anything being bigger since it's easily fixed. When I tried it on there was a good bit of room in the back but my mother maintains it was "made for me" so she thought it suited me really well.

I took some flat measurements to compare the blouse measurements I gave to the actual product.

So the bust was 55cm flat (110cm), the waist was 50cm flat (100cm), my blouse length was >50cm and my width was 40cm.
I wouldn't have noticed the bust and waist as you can imagine from the size I am, imo they imagined I was busty (which I'm not) and gave me a bit of extra room which is fine, even with the extra room it's not hanging off me.
The length I thought was a bit short. It's okay but unsure if I'll be able to tuck it into a skirt and really don't like it left out over. The shoulders were on the dot and was happy with that part.

 So next is - quick worn photos! Please ignore the grey skirt I had on with it, it was the closest thing to hand.

So overall how do I feel about my purchase?
I would give it a 9/10 for the blouse itself and the service provided.

I would have liked it a little bit longer, for the price it's a pretty good blouse. I finally have one that fits around the shoulders properly lol. The bows and pom poms that were included are the cutest little things! I will definitely use them in other co ords.

Shipping wise, it took a long time and while I wasn't particularly in a rush, it felt like forever because I was excited!
What I didn't mention above was MLD replied to me on a regular basis when I had PM'd about delays and such and if they hadn't time would still reply to say they would reply again on another day, I was very happy with their customer service.

I would recommend this blouse and MLD, maybe not if you're in a hurry or if you are ask for faster shipping, I'm a happy customer and will be purchasing again soon! <3

EDIT: Here's the email I got, custom cost 9USD extra


  1. I always find it so interesting to see other peoples experiences with My Lolita Dress on a whole.
    I also ordered from there and wrote a blog post about my experience.
    i ordered some dresses, shoes and a petticoat.
    I am also a plus size girl and had to pay extra for my custom sizing, I wish it had said in advance before ordering but I am happy they offer that service as I know the pains in finding custom size clothing in the whole Lolita world.

    Anyways nice review.
    Have a fabulous day
    Scarlett Juzzle
    Kawaii blogger at Pastel Dreams And Rainbow Skies

    1. Thanks for posting Scarlett, I don't get many replies to things just onlookers.
      I wish it had been said in advance too but it wasn't a large amount either thankfully.
      Finding custom usually means going to like Taobao and shopping services and pages and pages of Google translate so I find MLD a lot easier.
      I followed your blogspot, I don't post on here often anymore only reviews so people can find it through Google. I have a Facebook page for OOTDs and stuff >