Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bodyline L348 review

I did it again, same JSK, two colours. I think this is a really good basic piece so I hope to get a good bit of wear out of it.

I got 2L since 4L and the colours I wanted were out of stock and I was a bit wary.
2L - Bust 94-104cm, Waist 80-90cm, Back center of length 96cm
The bust is fine but I was kinda hitting the max on the waist depending on the day. I asked in the Lolita Q&A group (that I admin) and was told due to the duel shirring I should be okay ... and they were absolutely right! There's plenty of room in dress and it's quite comfortable. I took all the back shirring out and tightened at the front and this looked the best on me.

It's a fairly heavy dress and IMO the material is really good, the petti I had couldn't really keep it up so I know to use the other one instead. Lace wise I'm not a big fan but I'm pretty picky on that, not the quality as much as the style, I like small lace but it's not really noticable in photos, you really have to be up close.

For the price I think it's fantastic and would highly recommend it others considering it to buy it.

I took a ton of photos, apologies for the very basic co ord but I'm not feeling too well and wanted to get it done ASAP.

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