Friday, October 10, 2014

G&G Diamond Black Circle Lenses (Blue Eyes)

G&G Diamond Black
I bought these lenses over a year ago but hadn't a chance to wear them yet. I had wanted a different pair but they were out of stock so chose these ones.


The first eye I put them into it stung a good bit, the second eye wasn't really taking it but when it did it didn't sting.
I wore them for over an hour and found them fairly comfortable, there was a small bit of stinging but nothing major, it could have been my mascara. They were removed very easily.

I was happy with the look they gave too, it looks much better when edited with a photo app, the extra darkness makes it look completely black.

Here's some photos, sorry for the doubles.

Overall I'm very happy with these and hopefully will be wearing them at Halloween.

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