Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bodyline L144 in 2L review

Back center of length 99cm
Bust 92-100cm
Waist 76-82cm
I bought this JSK second hand online before the restock, the seller said to me "oh yeah 103cm max bust, you'll be fine"
Unfortunately I wasn't, I'm just about the max bust listed at 100cm and even without a padded bra and all the corset lacing taken off it's painfully tight, my waist it above the listed by about 5ish cm I'm not sure if that's making it worse but it's in the chest I feel it, not in the waist.

I also included a full length photo, I'm 158cm tall and found it to be quite long and even with my puffiest petti didn't seem to bring it to the right length I'd like. These photos were taken the same time as the others and was feeling really hot so I hadn't the biggest one on at this time, it made me feel like a blimp.

Here's the tag to show the size and I did a flat measurement to show the shirring unshirred, it didn't stretch very much. The only way I could wear it is definitely by modifying it.

Overall it's a wonderful dress, can't say much else since I hadn't really worn it much.The details are lovely and it's not heavy or too light. If anyone would like more detailed photos I'd be more than happy to take some.

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